Are You Ready to Master the Process of 
Setting and Actually Achieving
Your Goals?

Are You Ready to Trade In 
Your New Year's Resolutions 
New You Evolution?

In the last few months, I have helped hundreds of people begin their new journey to removing the barriers that limit their possibilities!

Hi. I'm Mike DeLuca and I would like to help you Reboot and Restart your life or business and find new, creative opportunities to thrive - right now!

Mike DeLuca - 
"The Crisis 
Comeback Coach"
The Covid-19 Pandemic has dramatically changed the way we live, work, and think. It has brought massive disruption to our world, and for some, it has completely shattered our businesses and/or careers. For others, it has been a catalyst to explore and expand into new ways of creative expression and liberation. I’m here to help be a catalyst for your evolution.

I’m not a fake expert who took a course or read a book and now wants to coach you. I am an experienced, Certified Professional Coach and Consultant with over 40 years of both domestic and international experience. 

By using the 3 Keys To Goal Achievement Mastery that we will explore together, I personally was able to:

  • Conquer Homelessness and Poverty
  • Start Successful New Businesses
  • Help Struggling Businesses Avoid Bankruptcy and Prosper
  • Recover From Serious Injuries. I even earned an advanced belt in the martial arts while sitting in a wheelchair!
  • Assist Millions of Radio and Television Audience Members
  • ​Encourage and Inspire Tens of Thousands in Seminars and Workshops

As a result of attending my Covid Crisis Comeback Challenge, my 3 Keys to Your Crisis Comeback Mastery Challenge, my Secrets To Goal Achievement Mastery Challenge, and the assistance that I have given them, attendees are experiencing the many benefits listed below. Just like them, now you too can:

  • Re-invent your business, career or retirement
  • Create opportunities for greater financial security for you, your family and your retirement
  • Learn to align your emotions, mind and actions so you can soar to new heights
  • Discover how to repurpose your skills and resources in a whole new direction
  • Explore new opportunities to generate revenue now and for years to come
  • Develop strategies to help your family & employees through these challenges
  • Save time by quickly implementing powerful tactics for maximum efficiency
  • Receive FREE ADMISSION into our upcoming 3-Session Challenge
  • Gain access to our exclusive Private Facebook Group
  • Benefit from the FREE 3 Keys To Your Crisis Comeback Guidebook 
It's time to Reboot and Restart your life now!
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The 3 Keys To Your Goal Achievement Mastery are based on my revolutionary Your Nine Steps℠ Program. Here is what some of the clients who have worked with me say about me and my programs:

DISCLOSURE:"The depicted experiences may not be typical. Your background, education, experience, work ethic may differ. These are used as examples and are not a guarantee of success. Individuals do not track the typicality of all student's experiences. Your results may vary."

"Liberated and Empowered Me"

"Mike DeLuca and The Your Nine Steps℠ Program are, in a word - LIBERATING! 

With Mike's coaching, I was able to give up my own self-limiting stumbling blocks. He helped me to recognize and honor the unique abilities I had within myself. 

As a result, I was able to confidently and courageously move into new and uncharted territories in my career. I had a newfound inner knowing that  I still had many things to offer the world. 

 As Mike took me through each of the Nine Steps in his program, I was able to use my own inner resources to collaborate and network an idea he helped me develop and bring it to the finish line. 

With Mike's help, I learned to set the right goals for me.  I learned to create the right plan and work in harmony with life to pull me to my goal! 

Mike and his program have not only empowered me, but also opened up every creative part of me, and when that kind of potential is realized, there is nothing that can interfere with success. 
From my heart –thank you, Mike!"

Producer of Multiple Emmy Award-Winning Network News Television Programs

"Transformed Me and 
My Company"

"As a result of just 3 months of working with Mike DeLuca and the Your Nine Steps ℠ Program, even while I was knee deep in the Covid Crisis, my practice, which previously could not sustain growth, is now growing with a structure that is flexible into the future. 

I'm not only more profitable than ever, I 'm getting more sleep, and I’m starting to have fun again! Mike and his Program, have helped me worry less, problem solve faster and expand my consciousness to capitalize on opportunities previously unconsidered."

Owner of Spine and Rehabilitation Facility
Former Member of the U.S. Olympic Committee's Sports Medicine Team

"A Career Changer"

"One of the first steps I took when deciding to become an author and corporate speaker was to sit down with Mike DeLuca. He wasted no time in helping me to develop a powerful vision of what was possible for my future. 

Mike trained me in specific strategies when it came to promotion, stage presence and the business structure I would need for ROI. I credit Mike for setting me on the right path to where I am today. 

On your journey to achievement - you will need a sherpa to take you up the mountain. Mike DeLuca is that sherpa. I highly recommend him and his coaching programs."

Ted Talks Speaker - 
Author of Liquid Leadership -

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Make your Comeback - or Leap Forward. 

Reinvent your Life, your Business or your Retirement. 

Go for Goal Achievement Mastery Now!
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