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Coaching and Consulting: 

All coaching and consulting is confidential. Private coaching and consulting is available for individuals or executives in the workplace. Executive Specialized Coaching for Abrasive Leaders in the Workplace is designed for corporations and organizations. You may also wish to tap into Jocelyne's experience in Naturopathic Health, Psych-K, and Personal Development.

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What are Powerful Personal Relationships?

Jocelyne Durand founded Consciousness 360 in 2011 to present her work as a trainer, researcher, educator, speaker and independent consultant. She is a personal specialized consultant and conflict management expert offering a broad spectrum of strategies and training resources to help individuals and organizations deal effectively with difficult and high conflict behaviors in the workplace.
Jocelyne Durand’s whole career is devoted to learning and teaching how some people may consciously or unconsciously try to break the will of others and take them down to their level or take advantage to gain power. Her work helps those from all walks of life to recognize, escape and survive in difficult situations. She helps individuals understand how they attract difficult personality issues in the first place, and finally she teaches others how to stand up for their own greatness. “Nobody gains from playing small” is an important message that she often shares.
One important goal in the work of Jocelyne Durand is to help as many people as possible to keep moving towards achieving their goals, despite significant challenges they may be facing. That is the purpose of Consciousness 360 – to facilitate that movement toward wholeness that so many people today are seeking.

A New Breakthrough Relationship System

Jocelyne Durand, M.Ed., ABW, N.D. (Phy.), Author, Coach, Consultant, Trainer, Educator

Master’s Degree in Education, Certified in Morita and Naikan Psychology Methods, NLP Trainer|Master Practitioner and Ombudsman—Advanced Conflict Resolution Practitioner
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