What Would Your Life Be Like If You Had Your Own Private Life Success Coach Available To You ... 24-Hours-A-Day?

Watch Mike DeLuca describe his Goal Mastery Journaling System

Listen to Mike DeLuca describe the Goal Mastery Journaling System

(No Worries. We have a 30-day money back guarantee!)

When you look in the mirror, do you find yourself thinking ...

"Gee, I really thought I would have progressed so much further in my life, than I have at this point? " 


"I really wish I had more control over the direction my life is heading."


"I keep making the same New Years Resolutions every year - but I never achieve them!"


"I have so many goals and interests but I just can't decide what the right direction is for me to head next!"


"I wish I had someone to coach me and hold me accountable to take the right action - every day!"

On top of all that, the current Covid Crisis can leave us feeling completely lost, helpless, and stuck.

Journaling is very helpful but it can take a lot of time. You can often get stuck with writer's block. Many times, you are just not sure what to write and how to have it be of real help to you.

You need to feel that you are not all alone in all of this, and that you have support and motivation to keep going.

Coaching is extremely helpful but the current economy might leave you unable to afford it. Wouldn't it be great if you had access to a "Coach-in-the-box" who was available to help you - 24-hours-a-day?


To learn more about Mike DeLuca and his programs, products and services, listen to a recent Podcast interview below:

Hi! My name is Mike DeLuca.

People who know me, know that I have devoted my entire life to serving others, and helping them enjoy happier, healthier and more fulfilling lives. I hope that soon I will have the opportunity to serve you and help you create a better life for yourself and the people you care about.

I am a Certifed Personal and Business Excellence Coach and hold an advanced Degree in Solution-Focused Coaching.

I have over 10 years experience as a Certified Business Process Improvement Consultant and over 45 years in Personal Development Training, Teaching and Workshop Facilitation. 

I have been a Radio Talk Show Co-host and have spoken to millions of people through over 750 Radio and Television interviews on some of the top-ranked radio shows in the world. I have also taught and inspired tens of thousands of people in conferences and seminars all around the world. 

Over the years I have authored numerous courses, guidebooks and articles in the fields of Personal Development, Psychology, Spirituality and Integrative Medicine.

When the Covid Crisis hit, I began the journey of tying together my more than 45 years of experience in Personal Growth, Mind Development, Psychology, Spirituality, Martial Arts, Ninjutsu Mind Science, Dream Interpretation, Accelerated Learning, Training and Development, and Business Process Improvement Consulting. 

My goal was to develop tools, techniques, resources and a repeatable process for people to use every day to attain a high level of Concentration and Focus, Creativity and Resourcefulness and Collaboration and Partnership to be able to create new opportunities for survival and success. I also wanted to provide a Community that would be a source of support, inspiration and accountability.

Many of my clients and I have all struggled with:
  • Poverty and Homelessness
  • Lost Jobs
  • Failed Businesses
  • ​Loss of Confidence and Motivation

I searched for a long time to find a system that could combine the best features of:

  • One-on-one Success Coaching
  • Inspirational - Motivational - Affirmational Mindset Preparation
  • ​Gratitude Journaling
  • Dream Journaling and Interpretation
  • ​Time Management Journaling
  • ​Values and Virtues Exploration
But I could not find one - unified program that provided all of those benefits in one place.
I found all kinds of separate journaling programs and had piles of journals next to my bed that took a very long time to learn and use every day. Worse yet - there was nothing that connected their benefits and no support to keep me motivated, guided and attaining a sense of progress.

I studied and became certified in a number of excellent Success Coaching Programs but found that in these troublesome economic times my clients could not afford regular coaching. I needed to find find a better way to serve my clients in a more streamlined and comprehensive way. However, the fully integrative solution that I imagined simply did not exist...


I Created "The Swiss Army Knife" of Goal Achievement Systems

A Revolution in Personal Development
What resulted from my efforts became the Your Nine Steps℠ Program for Goal Achievement Mastery©. I concentrated on creating the best tool possible for people to build  a strong foundation.

I knew that for centuries, humans received tremendous benefit from recording their daily experiences – first as pictures, symbols, hieroglyphics, and eventually written diaries and journals. In addition to recording their positive and negative experiences, many people benefitted from focusing in a journal about what and who they were at their core. Journaling evolved into a powerful tool for self-discovery, therapeutic counseling and personal development.

So for the central hub of my program, I developed an extraordinary Journaling System that served as a unique - self-directing “Coach in a Box” – that could guide you through a proprietary process of integrating your Higher Self, Mind, Memory, Emotions and Body. It will inspire, organize, prioritize, guide, support and focus every thought, goal, and action required to maximize your daily growth and success. It will become your compass on your personal journey to Goal Achievement Mastery.  

And that was how The Your Nine Steps℠ Daily Goal Mastery Journal© came into being. 
Just Imagine What Life Would Be Like If...
  • You Learned How to Maximize Your Ability to Achieve Your Important Goals
  • You Achieved the Highest level of Truly Masterful Time Management 
  • You Attained Next-Level Success in your Business, Career, and Financial Growth
  • ​You Learned Strategies to Help Optimize Your Health and Overall Well-Being
  • ​You Enjoyed Much Stronger and Much Deeper Relationship
In just minutes-a-day, you could experience all of these benefits - and more - in less than 21-days! 

You will be guided daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly to achieve maximum results, with maximum support, in minimal time.

All of this will be yours, right now, at an extremely low price!

Now Help Make Those Fantasies Into Realities 
Through My Unique Program
The Goal Achievement Mastery Journaling System©

The Most Complete Daily Goal Achievement Mastery System Ever Created

The Daily Goal Mastery Journal System© is the only journal you will ever need to purchase for the rest of your life! It is truly the "Swiss Army Knife of Journaling Systems." This Goal Mastery Journaling System© combines the very best of:
  •  Inspirational Journaling
  • ​ Affirmation Journaling 
  • ​ Goal Achievement Journaling
  • ​ Behavior Modification Journalig
  •  ​Time Management Journaling
  •  ​Dream Journaling
  • ​Gratitude Journaling
  • ​Values and Virtues Exploration 
  • ​Support and Accountibility from Coaches and an Active Facebook Community
No worries. We have a 30-day money-back guarrantee!

Here Is What Is Included In This Ground-Breaking Offer...

The Benefits of 
Goal Mastery Journaling

  • Takes you on a journey through the history and function of Journaling
  • Introduces you to the unique process of Goal Mastery Journaling
  • Enables you to experience a natural, powerful focusing of your Thoughts, Energy and Actions

The Daily Goal Mastery Journal
User's Guide

  • ​Guides you to quickly master the benefits of each feature of this unique Success Journaling System
  • ​Delivers step-by-step instructions on how to work with each section efficiently and effectively
  • Reduces your learning curve and helps you to experience more positive results - faster and easier

The Daily Goal Mastery Journal

  • The Heart of Goal Mastery Journaling
  • Prompts you to starts every day with Inspiration, Focus, Clarity and Gratitude
  • Facilitates higher levels of Productivity 
  • ​Develops more effective Time Management
  • ​Empowers you to align with your Higher Self and set goals congruent with your Values 
  • ​Supports the process of conquering the roadblocks of Fear and Procrastination

The Daily Goal Mastery 
Dream Journal

  • This unique, Dream Journal guides you effortlessly through the process of gaining maximum guidance, support and inspiration from your Dreams
  • Strengthens your connection with your Higher, Intuitive Self 
  • Assists you in Remembering, Interpreting and Directing both your Sleeping - and - your Waking Dreams
  • ​Turns even the most complex dreams into insightful guideposts for achieving your goals

The Daily Goal Mastery 
Dream Dictionary

  • When all is said and done, YOU are the one true EXPERT on the true meanings behind the recurring symbols that appear in your dreams
  • This Dictionary provides a simple, readily-accessable and easily updateable reference regarding all of your Recurring Dream Symbols and their important messages 
  • This Dictionary will help strengthen the connection and communication between your Inner Dream World and your Outer Waking World

The Daily Goal Mastery Journal
Inspirational Quotes and Contemplation Seeds 

  • Strategically woven into this package are special Daily Inspirational Quotes, and Values/Virtues-based Contemplation Seeds and Exercises
  • Helps you start each day inspired and motivated to succeed
  • Enables you to focus on integrating Core Values in all your goal setting, planning and daily decision-making



You will have 24-hour access to the Private Facebook Groups associated with the Daily Goal Achievement Mastery Journal User Group, the Covid Crisis Comeback Challenge, and the Daily Goal Mastery Journal Study Buddy Support Groups.

You will gain amazing insights, learn new strategies and share helpful techniques and tips from Mike DeLuca and like-minded people from around the world.


Study Buddy Groups are part of the "Secret Sauce" that makes the Goal Mastery Journal System so powerful. The constant support and accountability allows them to help produce real results - fast - with their members.

Each Group is led by an experienced group facilitator who has been trained by Mike DeLuca. They have experienced real results from using the Daily Goal Mastery Journal and the tools, techniques and principles taught by Mike DeLuca and fellow Study Buddy Group members.

Study Buddy Group members communicate daily in our Facebook Groups and on Zoom weekly. So the opportunity to share and grow with like-minded people who are all using the Goal Mastery Journal System is incredible.

BONUS #3 - 

I am truely excited about serving you through the Coaching Sessions I provide folks who are using my Goal Mastery Journaling System.

You will benefit from my 45+ years of combined skills and experience in :
  • Personal Development Training
  • Personal Excellence Coaching
  • ​Business Excellence Coaching
  • ​Solutions-Focused Coaching
  • ​Business Process Improvement Consulting
  • Sales and Marketing Training
I will work with you to tap into your own personal wisdom, creativity and resourcefulness. You will then have everything you need to help you create new and exciting opportunities to dream the life you want to live, and live the life of your dreams.

It has been "MY Dream Come True" to create this incredible collection of Products, Services and Support to help make "YOUR Dreams Come True!" 

It has taken me Decades of work and Tens-of-Thousands of Dollars to prepare the information and system that will literally hold you by the hand to:

  • Discover Your Deepest Essence, Motivation, Inspiration and Creativity
  • Choose the Best Goals that are Congruent With Your Highest Purpose
  • Create Efficient and Effective Plans to Achieve Your Goals
  • ​Take Control of Your Time - Your Life - and Your World

I am offering you all of this Technology, Tools, Training, and Support  right now For the Price of Dinner and a Movie for your family!!! 

Take advantage of this LIMITED TIME OFFER and you could FEED YOURSELF FOR A LIFETIME!!!

I am so confident that you will experience a noticeable increase in personal growth, the achievement of your goals, the control of your time and your enjoyment of living, that I am offering a... 

100%+ Money Back
Satisfaction Guarantee

If you implement EVERYTHING I show you, and don't see a positive change in your level of Personal or Professional Goal Achievement, I'll not only refund you your purchase amount, but I will also give you an additional 30-minute Coaching Session worth $125.00 FOR FREE for having wasted your time. That's how confident I am about my program and services!

Testimonials From Some of  My Grateful Clients
"The depicted experiences are not typical. Your background, education, experience, work ethic may differ. This is used as an example and not a guarantee of success. Individuals do not track the typicality of its student's experiences. Your results may vary."
"Mike DeLuca and his Daily Goal Mastery Journaling System are, in a word - LIBERATING!

With Mike's System, I was able to give up my own self-limiting stumbling blocks. He helped me to recognize and honor the unique abilities I had within myself.

As a result, I was able to confidently and courageously move into new and uncharted territories in my career. I had a newfound inner knowing that I still had many things to offer the world. - even in the midst of a worldwide crisis.

 Mike, and his System enabled me to use my own inner resources to collaborate and network an idea that he helped me develop and bring it to the finish line for professional and financial benefits I had never expected.

With Mike's help, I learned to set the right goals for myself. I learned to create the right plan for me and work in harmony with life to pull me to my goal!

Mike and his program have not only empowered me, but also helped open up every creative part of me. When that kind of potential is realized, there is nothing that can interfere with success.

From my heart – thank you, Mike!"


Producer of Multiple Emmy Award-Winning Network News Television Programs

"Mike, his coaching and his Daily Goal Mastery Journaling System transformed my  business - and my life!

 Even while I was knee deep in the Covid Crisis, my practice, which previously could not sustain growth, is now growing with a structure that is flexible into the future.
I'm not only more profitable than ever, I 'm getting more sleep, and I’m starting to have fun again! Mike and his Program, have helped me worry less, and problem solve faster. He has helped me control my time, control my Mindset  and expand my consciousness to capitalize on opportunities previously unconsidered."

Dr. RL

Owner of Spine and Rehabilitation Center
Former Member of the US Olympic Committee 
Sports Medicine Staff

"One of the first steps I took when deciding to become an author and corporate speaker was to sit down with Mike DeLuca. He wasted no time in helping me to develop a powerful vision of what was possible for my future. 

Mike trained me in specific strategies when it came to promotion, stage presence and the business structure I would need for ROI. I credit Mike for setting me on the right path to where I am today. 

On your journey to achievement - you will need a "Sherpa" to take you up the mountain. Mike DeLuca is that Sherpa. I highly recommend him and his products and coaching programs."


TED TALKS Speaker, Podcast Host, International Consultant

So as you can see, I am offering you an amazing system filled with powerful tools, unpresidented training and  unparralled support - all at a rediculously low price! I am doing this because I want to serve as many people as possible. I want to help you change your life - and change our world.

Here's a Recap of


When You Purchase This EXTRAORDINARY Offer!

  • Benefits of Goal Mastery Journaling E-book ($17)  
  • ​Goal Mastery Journal Guidebook E-book ($17)
  • Daily Goal Mastery Journal E-book ($97)
  • ​Daily Goal Mastery Dream Journal E-book ($17)
  • Daily Goal Mastery Dream Dictionary E-book (17)
  • ​​Daily Goal Mastery Journal Inspirational Quotes and Contemplation Seeds E-book ($17)
  • ​*BONUS*: Daily Goal Mastery Journal Private Facebook Group Membership ($120)
  • *BONUS*: Daily Goal Mastery Journal Study Buddy Support Group Membership ($120)
  • *BONUS*: 15-minute Free Coaching Call with Mike DeLuca ($125)

TOTAL VALUE: $547.00

But today you are getting all of this...

Normal Price = Only $197.00
Special Discounted Price
Only $97.00!

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