Understanding Your 
Difficult Relationships

Jocelyne Shares Her Expertise, Compassion and In-depth Knowledge

"I have had the privilege of knowing Jocelyne for many years. As a conflict management specialist, I have come to rely on her more and more for her expertise, compassion and in-depth knowledge of toxic behaviors including traits of personality disorders. Jocelyne is recognized as someone who experts in conflict management turn to for help and advice. She offers a wealth of knowledge with respect to research and findings concerning the impacts of difficult personalities and behaviors that can manifest themselves in the workplace. Jocelyne has been a tremendous asset in helping me navigate some of the challenges that are presented in conflict management matters when dealing with difficult behaviors.

Besides her expertise and knowledge, Jocelyne cares about her work and the people she works with. Her compassion and passion for helping others and doing the right thing are obvious. Jocelyne “gets it." She shares her own experiences and struggles and can identify with some of the emotions surrounding workplace toxicity and difficult behaviors. She lets people know that they are not alone, that their struggles are real and that she can and will help."

- Jo-Ann Fennessey
Founder and President
The Jo-Ann Fennessey Centre, Inc.

This Transformational Webinar Reveals:

* 3 Keys to forging healthy, successful and nourishing relationships
* 3 Hidden signs of potentially noxious relationships and what to do
    * 3 Strategies to effectively protect your personal power and help you 
        thrive while in relationships with difficult and challenging people 


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See if you can recognize the basic foundations of your most important relationships by answering these questions:

1. Do your relationships increase your sense of well-being and energize you?

2. Do you find yourself nourished by your relationships and feel that you are 
receiving as much if not more than you give?

3. Do you feel you are constantly on an emotional roller-coaster of highs and lows in any of your relationships?

4. Does any individual subtly manipulate you into always doing things his/her way?

5. Do you tend to assume it is your fault when things go wrong - when perhaps it is not?

6. Are you concerned when you have opinions or requests that are opposed to  what the other individual wants--but find that you are reluctant to voice them?

7. Do you find yourself losing your self-confidence and self-esteem when dealing with this individual?

Your answers to these questions, will help determine whether you are experiencing nourishing relationships or noxious relationships. You may be experiencing troublesome relationships with several different types of difficult and challenging individuals in your life. Once you are armed with a better understanding, you are able to effectively handle those relationships, and reclaim and protect your power. You will be able to improve your relationships, heal hidden wounds, take charge of your emotions, and strengthen your decision-making skills. You will be able to move your relationships out of destructive cycles--and move forward with clarity.

Find out how you can take a powerful next step in your relationships by attending this ground-breaking webinar!

Jocelyne Durand helps you better 
Understand Your Difficult Relationships
and learn how to protect your personal power 
from difficult personalities in this 
powerful personal relationship webinar

Meet Jocelyne Durand

Jocelyne Durand is a keynote speaker and consultant who provides exceptional one-on-one specialized coaching for private individuals, as well as consulting for executives and organizations. Her unique coaching methods help her clients at all levels  to achieve greater harmony and balance. She offers an extensive executive program that often leads to higher levels of communication, cooperation and success in the workplace. In addition, she offers specialized analysis and personal or executive consulting programs for individuals, as well as abrasive leader training for organizations dealing with difficult and abrasive behaviors. 

Keynote Speaker and Educator: For over eight years, Jocelyne has presented unique and very successful workshops as a subject matter expert at Ottawa University on Understanding Personal Relationships and Dealing with Difficult and Very Difficult Behaviors. She is available to speak, participate in panels, and provide courses to organizations, women’s groups and businesses. on this important topic. She is a professional speaker for conferences and events and a presenter for groups and organizations, large and small.

University Trainer, Speaker and Executive Specialized Coach: As a university trainer, speaker and executive specialized coach, Jocelyne Durand assists individuals and organizations in recognizing and dealing effectively with difficult personalities and abrasive leaders. She is a professional speaker for conferences and events and a presenter for groups and organizations, large and small. She also offers customized and advanced, transformational programs for groups

Speaking and workshop topics of interest may include:

“Abrasive Personalities and Difficult Leaders in the Workplace”
“Protecting Personal Power in Abusive Relationships”
“Triumphing Over Abuse and Difficult Behaviors”
“Aware: Identifying Narcissists Among Us”
“Aware: Identifying Psychopaths Among Us”
“Understanding Difficult Behaviors”
“Advancing Professional Relationships Despite Difficult Behaviors”
“The Cost of Remaining in Toxic Relationships”
“How to Avoid Being Trapped in a Toxic Web of Abuse”
“Five Types of People Who Can Ruin Your Life—and How to Avoid Them”
“Working Life from Purpose and Not Emotions— Introduction to Morita and Naikan Methods of Japanese Psychology”

Coaching and Consulting: All coaching and consulting is confidential. Private coaching and consulting is available for individuals or executives in the workplace. Executive Specialized Coaching for Abrasive Leaders in the Workplace is designed for corporations and organizations. Please see Blogs at to learn more.
This webinar will help you:

1. Understand personal relationships at an entirely new level
2. Learn how to recognize and deal with difficult and challenging people
3. Rediscover and reconnect with your own unique personal power
4. Become aware of how personal power can be subtly surrendered to others

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"Jocelyne Durand Changed My Life!"

See What Others Are Saying About Jocelyne Durand, this Workshop and her Upcoming Book...

"Truly a life-changing webinar!" 

"This webinar is extremely powerful and informative. I had the honor of previewing the program and I highly recommend it to everyone. We are all in contact with so many people, and exposed to so many different personalities. Whether we want to improve our communications or understand why a certain situation is so difficult to resolve, this webinar addresses it all. It will be a life-changing event to those who attend!"


"I now have a strong sense of empowerment!"

"When I approached Jocelyne for a consultation, I had suffered 10 years of abuse from my sister and I was considering giving her a call to "sort things out."

Jocelyne helped me re-frame my situation; understand the scope of the challenges ahead; re-assess my ability to face my sister’s personality issues; consider lessons learned from a similar experience I had in the workplace; and develop new means to maintain my personal integrity given the worsening relationship with my sister.

Needless to say, I have changed course. And I wish to thank Jocelyne for responding to my call for help."

Thank you!

UK, Canada

"Jocelyne has helped me become a better person!"

"Jocelyne is uniquely qualified to communicate about overcoming a difficult childhood and surviving acts of abuse by loved ones. She describes the events in her grim childhood with fairness and empathy, teasing out the threads of abuse running through her young life and depicting her successful strategies for survival.

Through the lens of her university education and research into difficult personalities, training in neuro-linguistic programming and the courses of therapy she followed, she successfully mastered her own life. Her work illustrates how fear can be overcome by following the signs pointing to freedom!

Jocelyne’s experience with many different personality types, therapies and approaches has provided guidance that shaped my own path. Her courage, intelligence and resiliency, have left me a better person."

PG, Canada

"Professional crisis resolved!" 

"Thank you, Jocelyne, for your help in understanding the crisis situation that I was in professionally. The executive I was working with was smart, charming and well respected. I had no reason to doubt him or his good intentions. However, at every turn I ran into difficulties working with him. Others recommended I let him go, but I was confident I could handle the situation. 

Eventually, it escalated to a point beyond belief. Your insights helped me see it for what it really was and that I was dealing with a potentially destructive personality. Thanks to you, I managed to get out of the situation unharmed and I am very grateful. Now I have closure, and my peace of mind is restored."


"Upcoming book is a must read!"

"I was an early reader/editor of Jocelyne’s upcoming book and I was very impressed with her story. This book includes Jocelyne’s own transition from her traumatic childhood of fear and doubt while facing difficult behaviors to the strong and confident woman she is today! 

I highly recommend this book to anyone who wants to better understand how we are all affected by others and how to take charge of our own lives and build confidence and discrimination."

JP, Canada

"Jocelyne's book will grab your heart and touch your Soul!"

"Jocelyne Durand’s book is a deeply personal account of a woman's decades-long journey into becoming a self-aware, self-responsible and an indefatigable person. I was deeply touched by the writer's intimate details of her struggles. It shows how anyone, female or male, can rise up out of abusive relationships and conquer all."

HK, Australia
Disclaimer: This Webinar and its contents, along with the books, recordings and videos of Jocelyne Durand are for educational purposes only and are not meant to diagnose, heal or prevent any illness, or condition. If you are seeking help for any physical, emotional or psychiatric health condition, please consult directly with a licensed health practitioner in that field.

Everyone's results with the information and experiences presented in this workshop and materials provided will be unique. The results depicted in the testimonials above reflect those individual's unique experiences and may be different from your own.

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